Easter Must-Haves

Easter is almost here and for me that brings lots of excitement. Not only does it mean that I get to eat lots of chocolate, (chocolate for breakfast-the best) but it also means that we get time off work to spend time together as a family! I love holidays.

Chocolate aside, now that we have Parker to celebrate with, (insert more excitement here) this means I can dress him up in ridiculously cute bunny clothes and continue our Easter traditions. One tradition that we started last year was giving Parker a special ‘shop small’ gift, that he can treasure all year round. It doesn’t cause a crazy sugar rush and your supporting a small business (win, win.)

Here are my favourite picks this year. If you see something you love, simply click on the shop to be directed to their website.

HAPPY EASTER beautiful people.

x x


The Day Children’s Book – Beautifully illustrated and written book $24.95

Other product details can be found @onemums_style


Silent Little Whispers – Gorgeous Miss Bunny Print $15.00

Other product details can be found @onemums_style


Love Tildy – Cute Bunny Puzzle Mate $32.00

Just Ray Baby Shoes – Divine Mork Oxford Shoes $30.00

Other product details can be found @onemums_style


Happy Go Ducky Toys – Beautifully crafted Hobbs wooden mouse $23.00

Edmund and Rose  – Gorgeous grey linen romper $40.00

Other product details can be found @onemums_style


Studio Bowerbird – Stunning Bunny Banner $12.00

Little Wishes Boutique – Exquisite White Boho Bib $18.00

Other product details can be found @onemums_style


Kasoobi – Beautiful Personalized Easter Tag $9.00

Jelly Cat – Grey Bunny $35.00

Other product details can be found @onemums_style







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