Baby Girls Room

There is something so special about creating your babies nursery. It’s a room so special, so meaningful. It signifies new life, will hold some of our deepest memories and see our little one reach each milestone. I look forward to the day that I can hold and comfort you in here, sing you songs and smoother you with kisses. Until then this is a little haven that I sit in and dream about what you will look like, when you will come and just how much you will make our hearts grow.

When I created this space I wanted to make sure that it was functional but also stylish. When it comes to spaces in our home I am notorious for changing my mind, so I also wanted to be able to change the look and colours easily.

Love the subtle blush against all that crisp white.

This little swan is perfection. To me it’s classic and not over powering.

This little bunny is the statement piece on this wall. She is both elegant and bold.

A number of significant pieces sit on this shelf. I purchased that flag when we started throwing the idea around about having another baby and I bought that rattle while trying to conceive. Once we fell pregnant with this little miracle I ordered that feather, which continually reminds me just how blessed we truly are.

That final moment when you complete the babies nursery and just sit in there waiting and wondering about who she is going to be and what she is going to look like.

A gorgeous wall for me to admire while sitting in here feeding.

Prints are a great way to compliment any room and so easy to change or mix around.

I have absolutely loved putting this room together. There are still a few pieces that I would like to add and no doubt I will continue to change things up in here on a regular basis, so make sure you check out my Instagram page for store information and new pieces.


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