A letter to my husband.

To my husband,

I want you to know that our life wont always be the imperfectly perfect chaos it is now.

We won’t always be woken throughout the night by our sleepless toddler and baby cries.

We won’t always be interrupted by an inquisitive three year old asking us why and how multiple times a minute and lose our train of thought.

Dinner time won’t always consist of food on the floor, begging our toddler to just eat while I have a baby attached to me rocking backwards and forward eating my food standing.

We won’t always be this tired and overwhelmed and one day, date nights will exist again.

There will be a day when our children are all grown and they won’t need us like they do today. They will have friends, school, sports, things that don’t involve us. This will be a new chapter in our lives and I’m sure when that time comes, it will be a special chapter. But at the moment we have all this. All this magic, joy and love.

One day we will miss all this chaos. The morning snuggles, tiny hands wrapping around us, the innocence. The fact that right now our little ones rely on us to be their teacher, nurse, protector and best friend, but one day this will not be the case.

There will be a day when our kids no longer want to have lounge room dance parties or movie nights with us.

We will miss reading them stories, their infectious laughter and weekends spent at the park.

So let’s be in this together. Let’s enjoy every moment. Embrace the crazy chaos, because I know my darling, one day we will truly miss this amazing chapter in our lives.

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