New Year, New Me

So clique but I hope it is so true. Before Christmas every year I get organised and I reflect. It makes me feel happy, grateful, less stressed and organised going into the new year.

This year I’ve decided to focus on me and my passions. Crazy right! Self love, health and a hint of interiors.

Don’t worry I promise not to bore you with food bowl shots, progress updates or photos of me hitting up the gym. But if there is ever anything you want to know or see feel free to hit me up!

But what I will show you is snippets of my home, affordable interior finds, sassy fashion, mwah and a touch of my cute kiddies. My feed will be going in another direction, a direction that best represents me and if that’s for you, I totally get that. Only follow people who inspire you. Believe me, you will be so much better for it. Hence the reason for my change. It took a lot of reflection but I decided that I wanted to put energy and time into an account that was full of things that inspire – healthy eating, self love, lifting one another and decorating pockets of my home. Fitness is something I’ve always wanted to be whole hardly into but never have fully committed. Who knows maybe 2019 is my year for fitness but I’m trying not to over commit.

So if your into positive thinking, scandi white neutral interiors , self love, a touch of me and really cute kiddies, then you’ve come to the right place!

And if you haven’t written down goals, aspirations, what you want to achieve, where you would like to go and see yourself in 2019, now is the time. Next time you going for a walk, have a shower or are driving in the car, reflect on what you want, where or what you want to do. Then write them down on a post it note (love those things) stick them to your mirror and read them daily. If throughout the year they change pull them off and re write new ones.

Heres to kicking goals and whole hardly being yourself in 2019!



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