Parkers Room

Ah! Finally all the pieces have come together in Parkers room and I have had a chance to photograph it. My brother also complied a video, head to my Insta to check it out! AMAZING.

So when putting this room together I wanted a space that was functional, organised, roomy, inviting, neutral and of course something that Parker loved.


I’m all about those neutral tones but thought I would add a splash of teal, you know to mix it up! Parker is all about animals and trucks, so I used a few around this room as decor pieces.

I love that the desk and toy box sit flush together! Parker enjoys having somewhere to draw or pretend to do business (god love him) so we create this look nook on one side of this room.

The other side is all about books and toys. This tub system from IKEA is amazing and a could label the tubs (organisational bliss) It makes packing his toys away so much easier and neatly too!


We read books to Parker often but I like to rotate them, so we aren’t reading the same ones all the time and the decision isn’t overwhelming (as we have A LOT of books) So these bookshelves were perfect.


We popped a canopy over his bed to make it like a cave and a rug on the floor to break up the carpet.


I love how it has turned out. Its both functional and kid friendly!

I hope this inspires you if your thinking about redecorating your little ones room. Happy perusing!


2 responses to “Parkers Room”

  1. What table did you use to connect to the storage? I tried looking in IKEA but can’t find it. What’s it called?


    1. STUVA bench. It is actually just the top of the storage unit and I used it as a desk. This is the article number – 801.651.53 I hope that helps.


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