Master Bedroom Make Over

My bedroom was always so dark and gloomy and never got all love. So I decided to brighten it up a little using only five new things. Curtains, new linen, flowers, a print and a rug.

I wanted all the pieces to be neutral, calming and bright. So I stuck with natural tones. First I picked the rug and worked from there. The rug I chose was the Zermatt Geometric rug in natural cream and grey from Rugs For Good. It is so buttery soft and lightens up the space beautifully.

I then decided to add some white linen sheers from IKEA. I have the same in my lounge room and love the look. Just these two items alone truly changed the space but I wanted to bed to be more inviting and the bedsides to look less bare. So I added some divine linen from The Cover Collective. I picked the grey and every time I slip into bed I feel like royalty. I can’t even describe the feeling of how luxurious linen feels.

Lastly I added some beautiful dried flowers from Estil Home which are so beautiful and they last forever! How amazing. Then to add some colour I added a print from Papier. The soft pink tones works perfectly with the neutral tones, without feeling too feminie. I feel both helped to really tie to space together.

If you are wanting to or have been thinking about updating your room, DO IT! I regret not doing it sooner!

Big love x

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