Layla’s First Birthday Party

Styling kids birthday parties is one of my favourite things to do! I love it. When coming up with the theme for Layla’s I wanted it to be elegant, dreamy and floral. White and blush being the main tones with a splash of black, for something different.


This gorgeous cart from Enchanted Party Hire was definitely the main attraction. Perfect place for the cake to sit as well as all the yummy goodies. For 20% off at Enchanted Party Hire just enter – ONEMUMSSTYLE20 at the checkout.


I loved this little space that I created especially for the birthday girl. A special seat just for her!  I bought the cake topper and name script from Shartruese simply elegant and the balloon from The Pop Up Party Co  which just made this space pop.



I wanted the kids to have a little space where they could sit and enjoy their cake, as well as feel important and special with their own little personalised bag from Cotton Gift Co as well as mask, lollies and play dough.


Mirror swan cake topper from TLeaf Collections 10% off using code ONEMUMSSTYLE

Chocolates, drink stickers and straw flags from Print and Party 20% off using code ONEMUMSSTYLE20

Cake stands from Enchanted Party Hire 20% off using code ONEMUMSSTYLE2

Cart from Enchanted Party Hire 20% off using code ONEMUMSSTYLE20

Swan Soriee art work from Pink Pom Pom Kids 

Balloon Garland from Oh My Party  25% off all DIY balloon garlands using code HBDLAYLA

Swan biscuits from Little Bisckut 

Layla is one mirror plaque from TLeaf Collections 10% off using code ONEMUMSSTYLE

Cotton Gift Bags from Cotton Gift Co 

Foil number one balloon from The Pop Up Party Co   20% off all balloon orders using code LAYLAISONE

Laylas Top Knot from Mae and Rae    20% off using code ONEMUMSSTYLE20

Laylas romper from Tea Princess Aust

Wooden Cake topper and script name from Shartuese  20% off using code

Floral placemats from Kmart 

Lolly jar from Kmart

Glass milk bottles from Kmart

Glass flower jars from Target

Green vine used on balloon from Kmart

Roses from Aldi

Cakes created by me. If your making cakes yourself, pre made icing is your best friend!

Swan masks created by me. I used glitter paper from Spotlight and white paper straw. I found a template for a swan on Google.

Palettes found on a building site and painted but you can get them for free from Bunnings

Wooden highchair found on GumTree and painted white


Byron Bay Must See

Byron Bay would have to be one of the most beautiful and relaxed places I have ever been. There is just something in the air when you visit that allows you to destress, relax and reset.

I have been visiting this town for eleven years now and I still find new gorgeous cafes or divine little shops. So, I have decided to create a list of the things you must see and do when visiting Byron. Each place is hyperlinked, so just click on the name to go directly to their website.


  1.  The Farm
    This place was amazing. Not only is the food to die for but there is so much to see and the view is stunning! There are numerous animals, a playground, small shop and did I mention the scrumptious food!


2. Combi & Bay Leaf were my absolute favourite cafes this trip. Not only are they exquisitely decorated but the coffee, service and food is an experience in itself.

3. Wategos Beach is breathtaking. The water was so clear and it is nestled in between two rock cliffs. Stunning! Just a heads up that parking is limited, so I would suggest heading down early.


4. The lighthouse. Of course the iconic Byron lighthouse is a must see! There is a beautiful walk you can do right up to the lighthouse and then right down to the most easterly point. However, with the kids in tow and feeling extremely inactive, we just drove to the carpark and opted for the shorter walk. Sunrise and sunset at the lighthouse is definitely my recommendation.

5. Snorkelling at Julian Rocks! Breathtaking. I did this a few years ago and boy was it an experience. I saw numerous turtles, fish and a mantra ray. Safe to say as everyone was trying to catch a glimpse or follow the mantra ray, I was swimming my little heart out to get as far away from that thing as I could! It was huge. There was just something about stillness of snorkelling and it definitely put things in perceptive for me – little fish in a big ocean kinda thing! It’s definitely a must.

6. Shopping! The amount of beautiful little shops that Byron have continues to blow me away with every visit. Here are a few of my favourites but I am sure I’ve probably missed a few – Hope and May, Arnhem, Folk Byron Bay, The Beach People, Auguste The Label, Tigerlily, Spell, Nikau and Paper Aeroplane.


7. Talking about shopping, the markets are on the first Sunday of every month. I love the uniqueness of the markets and of course the food! Foodie.

8. Stand up paddling boarding is also a lot of fun. Paddling around the rocks is just gorgeous and of course the view!

9. Hire a bike and cruise around. There is so much to see and do just outside of Byron too! Minyon Falls, Crystal Castle, rainforest walks, more shopping and horse riding.


Big love


Parkers Room

Parkers Room

Ah! Finally all the pieces have come together in Parkers room and I have had a chance to photograph it. My brother also complied a video, head to my Insta to check it out! AMAZING.

So when putting this room together I wanted a space that was functional, organised, roomy, inviting, neutral and of course something that Parker loved.


I’m all about those neutral tones but thought I would add a splash of teal, you know to mix it up! Parker is all about animals and trucks, so I used a few around this room as decor pieces.

I love that the desk and toy box sit flush together! Parker enjoys having somewhere to draw or pretend to do business (god love him) so we create this look nook on one side of this room.

The other side is all about books and toys. This tub system from IKEA is amazing and a could label the tubs (organisational bliss) It makes packing his toys away so much easier and neatly too!


We read books to Parker often but I like to rotate them, so we aren’t reading the same ones all the time and the decision isn’t overwhelming (as we have A LOT of books) So these bookshelves were perfect.


We popped a canopy over his bed to make it like a cave and a rug on the floor to break up the carpet.


I love how it has turned out. Its both functional and kid friendly!

I hope this inspires you if your thinking about redecorating your little ones room. Happy perusing!


New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me

So clique but I hope it is so true. Before Christmas every year I get organised and I reflect. It makes me feel happy, grateful, less stressed and organised going into the new year.

This year I’ve decided to focus on me and my passions. Crazy right! Self love, health and a hint of interiors.

Don’t worry I promise not to bore you with food bowl shots, progress updates or photos of me hitting up the gym. But if there is ever anything you want to know or see feel free to hit me up!

But what I will show you is snippets of my home, affordable interior finds, sassy fashion, mwah and a touch of my cute kiddies. My feed will be going in another direction, a direction that best represents me and if that’s for you, I totally get that. Only follow people who inspire you. Believe me, you will be so much better for it. Hence the reason for my change. It took a lot of reflection but I decided that I wanted to put energy and time into an account that was full of things that inspire – healthy eating, self love, lifting one another and decorating pockets of my home. Fitness is something I’ve always wanted to be whole hardly into but never have fully committed. Who knows maybe 2019 is my year for fitness but I’m trying not to over commit.

So if your into positive thinking, scandi white neutral interiors , self love, a touch of me and really cute kiddies, then you’ve come to the right place!

And if you haven’t written down goals, aspirations, what you want to achieve, where you would like to go and see yourself in 2019, now is the time. Next time you going for a walk, have a shower or are driving in the car, reflect on what you want, where or what you want to do. Then write them down on a post it note (love those things) stick them to your mirror and read them daily. If throughout the year they change pull them off and re write new ones.

Heres to kicking goals and whole hardly being yourself in 2019!



Ikea kids kitchen hack

Ikea kids kitchen hack

Almost twelve months after purchasing Parker’s IKEA kitchen, I finally decided to hack it.

First I chose the colours. I wanted them to be neutral so they would fit in with Parker’s room and our house. So I went with white, timber and a hint of grey. Painters tip – use undercoat and then spray paint. Spray paint is easy and leaves a nice finish. Make sure you allow the paint to dry over night before applying the next coat.

I sprayed the top white and because I’m lazy and didn’t unassmeble the whole thing, I used painters tape to cover any parts I didn’t want white paint. I also painted the sink and around the cook top white.

I then sprayed the door grey. I put a strip of painters tape around the outside of the oven window, so that when I sprayed the door it left a faint grey square on the front. I completely covered the back of the oven door as I didn’t want any paint on that side. I was unsure how it was going to turn out but I was pretty happy with the outcome.

I sprayed the kitchen tap silver and am thinking of painting the microwave door handle silver or using another leather straps. I’m undecided.


I removed the door handles and bought leather handles from IKEA. They were $14.95 for a two pack and very easy to screw in.

I purchased wooden door knobs from Bunnings for $2.20 each to use as oven knobs and they simply screwed in. Screws were supplied.

I purchased white herringbone wallpaper from Milton & King. I asked for a custom piece which cost $24 with free shipping. I purchased wallpaper adhesive from Bunnings and applied it to a piece of ply, which I nailed on the back of the kitchen. Since completing the hack I have seen that Minnie Me Interiors has adhesive herringbone wallpaper which would be a lot easier and probably work out cheaper.


I then purchased a few accessories. Cups and plates were from our local op shop $2 for all of them. I bought the wooden eggs, bread, cheese and milk set which came in a crate from Kmart $8. I used an old pump soap from home and a $4 plant from Kmart to add some greenery.


The total price of the hack was – $99.20 including all the materials and accessories.

If you decide to hack a kids kitchen IKEA or not, I would love for you to tag me!

Happy hacking!


Magical Party

I had so much fun putting together this little party, that I’ve decided I would like to style a party every month {someone send me a money tree}

The theme was white and magical. I wanted to keep it relatively gender neutral and of course a lot of fun {insert jumping into a ball pit}

The ball pit and slide kept the little ones entertained for hours, so us adults actually got to have a conversation with limited interruptions. #winning

All the children got to take home a personalised bag with their own little jar of play dough. Love party bags that don’t contain all the sugar!!

My husband dismantled two pallets to create a mini table and I painted the top white. The kids loved that it was mini and I loved that it was cheap. Winners all round.

The Pom Pom garland and fairy lights made an easy and simple centre piece and the blush broke up the white and grey, just slightly.

I created the balloon garland myself using 110 white balloons. I pumped them up using a hand pump, left a long noodle at the end of each balloon, then tied the balloons in pairs. I then used fishing line to tie them all together. At the end I tied in single balloons where there were gaps or where I wanted to make it look fuller. If you want to make one, just hit up YouTube. It was a lot easier than I thought.

Hope this inspires you!


Slide & Ball Pit – @littleluxekidspartyhire

Plates, straws and cups –

Custom biscuits – @littlebiskut

Personalised chocolate bars & stickers – @printandparty

Mirror sign – @tleafcollections

Parker bow tie – @hugoswardrobe

Play Dough – @doughlicious_playdough

Personalised canvas bags – @cottongiftco

Pom Pom Garland – @faithlane

Milk Glasses – Kmart

We no longer have a village

In today’s society there is so much pressure put on us mums. Or, is it simply us that have put this pressure on ourselves. Why must we feel the need to do it all? Be a good mother, a caring beautiful wife, continue to excel in our profession, all while raising a small household. In my experience something has to give and it’s normally us Mothers that end up suffering.

We no longer have a village around us to guide us when it comes to breastfeeding, sleeping or mothering in general. Most of us no longer are friends with everyone in our street. So gone are the days when your neighbour would bring over a home cooked meal or watch your kids play while you took a nap. We are either isolated from our extended family or they are working full time jobs and therefore are no longer able to help out as much as they would like. Sure they can call and give us advice but is it really the same as having someone there?

So instead, we get our information from health professionals, internet forums or good old Dr Google. In my experience, this just sets Mother’s up to fail, as it all becomes rather overwhelming. Every stage our babies go through is viewed as a problem and there is always a solution on how to “fix” this problem. But if that doesn’t work for you and your baby, you are left with a feeling of failure. This way of thinking can easily make you feel like your spiralling out of control and not a fit mother. But we have to find a solution because need the sleep, we need them to eat and we need a quick fix to their behaviours because we have to get back to doing it all. So we buy all the books, try all the programs, in the hope that we can ‘fix’ it and continue to do it all.

I tried this with my first baby. When he didn’t sleep I googled it, I read books, bought two programs and joined forums but nothing seemed to work. He just didn’t sleep. So I was left thinking what have I done wrong? Did I hold him too much? Teach him bad sleeping habits? I eventually realised that I needed to parent and respond to my son in a way that worked for us. If I had to get up and reassure him three times a night, then that’s what I did. If he needed to come into our bed at 3am, then that’s what we did. I decided to take a step back from work and give my full attention to being a wife and a good mum. This doesn’t mean I left work or didn’t fulfil my job. I just made sure that my family came first. I took away the pressure to do it all and give it all 110% and I’m so glad I did.

This time is so fleeting and before you know it, they will no longer need you like they need you today and that’s the day that I will go back to giving my profession all my attention. This time really is a blimp in the scheme of your life, so choose what makes you happy.

So mamma, hold your newborn as much as you want to. You won’t spoil them. Your toddler will go through stages of not eating anything but cheese and past, they won’t starve and it won’t last forever. {Just try not to cry when they say the meal is horrible or looks disgusting!} When it comes to sleep, some babies find it extremely easy and others it takes a lot longer, and that’s ok. They will get it eventually and it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you or your baby! And above everything else, go with your instinct. Listen to all the advice, but do what feels right for you and your baby.

To your children you are the perfect mother, so what ever you need to do to get through with a small amount of sanity left, do it. Eat the chocolate, drink the coffee, binge TV! Look after yourself mamma, because you deserve it.


Everyone has a story

When you look at me now, I look like any other ordinary Mum who has been blessed with two beautiful, happy, healthy children. Some might say, a fertile women. But that’s not the whole story.

I once was that woman crying on the bathroom floor, asking when will it be my turn? I was the one who’s heart broke into a million pieces as I left each baby shower, yearning for me to be the one with the bump awaiting the arrival of my own baby. I was the one who constantly tried every gadget, remedy and drug only to be left with a broken heart and lots of doctors appointments that only made the hollowness even deeper.

I remember feeling empty, lost, longing and desperate, but now that I am on the other side the emotion is a bit like a haze, it’s still there and it will always be apart of my journey but I can’t quite feel or encapture the raw pain as deeply as I did on those dark and painful days.

Everyone’s story is so different and so is there outcome, but I do wish I could tell my past self that it will be ok, it will work out. You will be lucky enough to experience the amazingness that is motherhood. However I do understand for so many women they don’t get this happy ending and my heart goes out to them, as I can’t even begin to imagine how they feel. To all those women out there trying to conceive whether it’s your first child, second or third, I’m sending you all the baby dust and positive vibes.

Just remember everyone has a story and everyone has been on a journey.

Much love xx

A letter to my husband.

A letter to my husband.

To my husband,

I want you to know that our life wont always be the imperfectly perfect chaos it is now.

We won’t always be woken throughout the night by our sleepless toddler and baby cries.

We won’t always be interrupted by an inquisitive three year old asking us why and how multiple times a minute and lose our train of thought.

Dinner time won’t always consist of food on the floor, begging our toddler to just eat while I have a baby attached to me rocking backwards and forward eating my food standing.

We won’t always be this tired and overwhelmed and one day, date nights will exist again.

There will be a day when our children are all grown and they won’t need us like they do today. They will have friends, school, sports, things that don’t involve us. This will be a new chapter in our lives and I’m sure when that time comes, it will be a special chapter. But at the moment we have all this. All this magic, joy and love.

One day we will miss all this chaos. The morning snuggles, tiny hands wrapping around us, the innocence. The fact that right now our little ones rely on us to be their teacher, nurse, protector and best friend, but one day this will not be the case.

There will be a day when our kids no longer want to have lounge room dance parties or movie nights with us.

We will miss reading them stories, their infectious laughter and weekends spent at the park.

So let’s be in this together. Let’s enjoy every moment. Embrace the crazy chaos, because I know my darling, one day we will truly miss this amazing chapter in our lives.

Layla’s Birth Story

Layla’s Birth Story

On the 11th of April at 2:03am, I woke up with irregular Braxton Hicks. I attempted to go back to sleep, which resulted in a lot of tossing and turning. By 3am they started to feel a whole lot more regular and the pain has increased. So, I started to time them. First two were nine minutes apart, the second two seven minutes apart. I decided to wake my husband and suggested that maybe we call my MIL to look after Parker and head to the hospital. He leaped out of bed called his Mum and got dressed. I phoned the midwife to let her know that we were on our way. She asked me to stay home a little longer until I was having three contractions every ten minutes or at least one every four minutes.

I hung up the phone not feeling comfortable with the idea of staying home longer. I felt things were progressing and fast. The next two contractions were five minutes apart. I called her back and said that I was anxious and didn’t want to stay home any longer. She told me to come in but to take my time getting there. I waited for another contraction to pass and then I attempted the walk to the car. As I left my bedroom door a wave of pain stretched across my tummy that crippled me, with me ended up on the floor, unable to move. My husband then carried me to the car. I started to sweat and feel unwell and then proceeded to vomit. We were on our way.

The whole car ride I was completely silent, continually telling myself every pain is a step closer to meeting our baby and every bump in the road is a step closer to getting to hospital.

We arrived at the hospital and I had no idea how I was going to make it up to birth suite. I asked my husband to get me a wheelchair. As I sat in the car I kept telling myself that my body knows what to do, but I was also loosing control of my breathing. He arrived back shortly with a wheelchair. I was in two minds, I wanted to go in but I also didn’t want to move.

I shuffled into the wheelchair and we made our way to birth suite. I stayed in the wheelchair until they were ready to examine me. As I climbed onto the bed, I pleaded for an epidural. The midwife went through the risks and the fact that it can end in intervention but at that time I felt like I was loosing control and the thought of the unknown scared me. I started to doubt whether I could do it without pain relief. She said she would have to wait to determine whether I was in active labor first. There was no doubt in my mind that I was.

They listened to babies heart rate and with every contraction it was dropping quite low. They asked me to move positions and she hit the buzzer for another midwife and Dr to come. She told me that my baby wasn’t happy when I was contracting. So many questions and thoughts ran through my mind but I was speechless. Unable to talk. I just lay there praying that everything would be ok. She then called someone else into the room and proceeded to examine me. I was fully dilated. Her words, ‘well you won’t be getting that epidural your full dilated’. Complete shock ran through my body! I looked over to my husband in utter despair. How on earth could I get through this without an epidural.

The midwife then broke my waters, as baby was showing signs of distress and they wanted to start the process faster. As the waters trickled down my legs, I told myself that this pain was a small price to pay for a baby and I needed to remain focused and in control as there was nothing else I could do. I had hopped onto this roller coaster and whether I loose control or not, I can’t jump off until the ride stops.

They then handed me the gas. Best thing ever. It regulated my breathing and allowed me to focus on listening to my body. With every contraction I breathed as deeply and slowly as I could, while squeezing the crap out of my husbands hand. I was so unsure as to how long this process was going to take. With the next contraction my body started to push. The feeling was surreal and I was unsure whether I should push along with my body. With the next I felt her head come down and then move back. Every time my body pushed, I felt a sense of relief. The next contraction I pushed with my body and her head came down and stayed. It was a bizarre feeling knowing that the pressure and object I could feel between my legs was my baby. With the contraction next her head was out. I couldn’t believe that I was so close to meeting my baby girl and I had done this. That my body guided me through the whole process. The next contraction took a little longer and the midwife asked me to start pushing early. Not long after I started to prematurely push, my body contracted I gave it my all and she came out. She was here and it was all so surreal. Just as quick as the pain came it was gone again and I had a warm, beautiful gooey baby laying on my belly. I looked up at my husband, he kissed my head and we stayed staring at her on my chest. I laid there in shock that my baby girl was here healthy and happy and in awe of what my body had just done. It was such an amazing and magical experience. One that I will never take for granted.

Welcome to the world Layla Elizabeth.