Magical Party

I had so much fun putting together this little party, that I’ve decided I would like to style a party every month {someone send me a money tree}

The theme was white and magical. I wanted to keep it relatively gender neutral and of course a lot of fun {insert jumping into a ball pit}

The ball pit and slide kept the little ones entertained for hours, so us adults actually got to have a conversation with limited interruptions. #winning

All the children got to take home a personalised bag with their own little jar of play dough. Love party bags that don’t contain all the sugar!!

My husband dismantled two pallets to create a mini table and I painted the top white. The kids loved that it was mini and I loved that it was cheap. Winners all round.

The Pom Pom garland and fairy lights made an easy and simple centre piece and the blush broke up the white and grey, just slightly.

I created the balloon garland myself using 110 white balloons. I pumped them up using a hand pump, left a long noodle at the end of each balloon, then tied the balloons in pairs. I then used fishing line to tie them all together. At the end I tied in single balloons where there were gaps or where I wanted to make it look fuller. If you want to make one, just hit up YouTube. It was a lot easier than I thought.

Hope this inspires you!


Slide & Ball Pit – @littleluxekidspartyhire

Plates, straws and cups –

Custom biscuits – @littlebiskut

Personalised chocolate bars & stickers – @printandparty

Mirror sign – @tleafcollections

Parker bow tie – @hugoswardrobe

Play Dough – @doughlicious_playdough

Personalised canvas bags – @cottongiftco

Pom Pom Garland – @faithlane

Milk Glasses – Kmart

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